Foreign Eye Comix #1: Distraction.

Look, over here, not over there, over here look at this, not that, anything but that!

Another excerpt from the first issue of Foreign Eye Comix.

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Foreign Eye Comix #1. Living Breathing Commodities.

Sorry kids! 

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New Website.

foreign eye


All shredding will be posted on the Foreign Eye website, plus loads of other rad stuff.



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DVD available instore at…..

Exist Shop and Skatepark!

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Pretty Shitty City – For Sale Online.

Full length Swansea shred scene DVD with Dean Yorimitsu, Robbo Hernando, Sam Austin, Jack Kirtley and many others….   BUY HERE!


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Horror Skateboards – Pretty Shitty City Promo.

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Exist Skatepark Halloween Jam.

Promotional Materials….

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